When we think of the term “hitting rock bottom”, the immediate association is usually pain, grief, loss and even depression. And while it’s true that all of these emotions can be present in the difficult times, if we take a new perspective, we can see that hitting our “rock bottom” can also have a silver lining.


Taking this perspective does not mean ignoring the truth of our experience. Looking for the positives should never mean ignoring our emotions or what feels true for us.


When we go through something in our lives that causes us pain, our first instinct is to try to fix it. This thinking actually robs us of the opportunity we have to feel into the present moment and really look at where we are.


On the flipside, when we experience the moments of darkness it can be difficult to find a reason to keep going. Every day can feel like an endless struggle.


When we hit rock bottom, there really is nowhere to hide. In a way, the devastation you experience means being forced to look at your life for what it IS, both the good and the bad.

What Hitting Rock Bottom Can Teach You About Letting Go


When we practice self-reflection in this way we can begin to notice what’s working and what isn’t in your life. You can see where you may have compromised too much, or not enough. You can see the strength of your love towards self and others. When nothing around you makes sense, this is the perfect opportunity to question everything. This kind of self-reflection can be uncomfortable. It is, however, necessary if you want to be the predominant creative force in your life.

What Hitting Rock Bottom Can Teach You About Letting Go The greatest of faults is to be conscious of none. Thomas Carlyle quote


When you have suffered a great loss and feel at your lowest another wonderful thing happens. Because you have suffered, you become naturally more loving and compassionate towards others who are suffering.

What Hitting Rock Bottom Can Teach You About Letting Go Yasmin mogahed quote Compassion is to look beyond your own pain and see the pain of others.


When you have experienced the lows in life you gain a new perspective. You learn how resilient you are, and become grateful for all the small blessings in your life that perhaps you may have overlooked in the past. With this new perspective, you can build a new foundation for your life. One built on healthier beliefs, a more positive self-image and a deeper understanding of who you are.

What Hitting Rock Bottom Can Teach You About Letting Go You must look within for value, but must look beyond for perspective.

While it may not always be easy to see it at the time, hitting rock bottom in life can be a blessing. The simplest way to put it? From the bottom, the only way is up.