How To Speed Up Your Abundance And Manifest Your Dreams


Consider this. Before you even begin to think about your desires, or attempt to speak them into existence, there is already great momentum behind them. Even before you have had the thought, the energy of your desire is on it’s way to becoming a reality. That takes the pressure off a little doesn’t it?

How To Speed Up Your Abundance And Manifest Your Dreams


Have you ever heard the term ‘get out of your own way’? We humans ironically think that our thoughts are the be all and end all. But in fact, it is our vibration, our intention behind the thoughts that creates us.



We are able to use thoughts to create the vibration of abundance. We have the capacity to think, to know, that there is nothing that we cannot be, do or have. Understanding this concept means that you can trust that your manifestation is working. You are using the law of attraction already. All you need to do is allow it in.


If it really is this simple, then why don’t we just allow our manifestations to come to us?


Well, simple doesn’t always mean easy. The reason we get in our own way is that sometimes we get frustrated because we look into the physical world, and see that what we want is not yet physicalized. So, we get disappointed, which then slows down our process of manifestation.

You can measure whether or not this is true for you by becoming aware of the thoughts you are having regularly; do your thoughts often speak of what you want not being here, or of the thing you desire not being here YET?

E.g. “I’ll be happy in my life when…..” vs “I am so happy now and I cannot wait for what’s coming to arrive”!

You can be excited about the process of manifestation, by knowing that what you desire is on it’s way to you. You can choose to be aware of the presence of what you desire in your life already, even though you have not yet seen it tasted or touched it. Feel it becoming. KNOW that it is there.

This is the express train to manifestation and is also an instant happiness boost.

Choose to be in a constant state of excitement of what’s coming. That way you are in alignment with your desires. Put yourself in a state of joyful expectation and stay there! If you find yourself getting off track, correct it.


You are here for a great purpose. That purpose is great joy and expansion. If you are not feeling that, right here, right now, then you need to adjust that. Meditate. Listen to uplifting music.


Always remember you are here to be happy. You are supported, loved and guided; always.



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