Even on your worst day, you are living miracle – Peter Crone

Speaker: Peter Crone

Peter Crone on the Miracle of human life:

The expression I use, is I say,

We are all masterpieces and works in progress simultaneously..

So to be human is to be extraordinary.

I have a quote, which is says,

Even on your worst day, you are a living miracle.

If you think about the trillions of reactions that are happening just within the biochemistry of our physicality, it’s, it’s overwhelming that we can eat food with friends at a dinner table and our body will take care of the process of digestion went to secrete the bile from the bile duct, when to release more hydrochloric acid, to break down the food, the mechanisms that then have to actually occur as it goes through the small intestine and food is separated, you know, absorbed, and then it’s taken to the cellular level and there’s all of this metabolism that takes place at an even deeper level. So that the apple that you just ate at some point will become a liver cell.

I mean, that is just mind blowing like magic, right? Yet we don’t think about it.

So when you really understand the endless myriad of transactions that are happening in the human brain and the human body, that actually gives us the experience of being live, it’s humbling.

You kind of can’t help, but feel a sense of gratitude and grace by virtue of the fact that I have a human as a human, I have the capacity to see the people I love. I have the capacity to communicate the way that I feel about myself, life and others. The fact that I can smell the sense that I can hear the dulcet tones of a loved one or a child telling me what they feel. And I can taste the extraordinary abundance of these different flavors that we get to experience by virtue of mother nature.

Just those five senses that we take for granted every day from when you really get it, it becomes impossible to not revere life, your own, and others’

To recognize what an immaculate conception, every being is by virtue of the gift that it is so we get to experience life in its whole.

Being human IS the opportunity.

And so when you recognize that by virtue of your, by virtue of being here, and again, I am not in any way diminishing or dismissing the hardship that many people go through. There are people literally starving. I can talk about the joys of tasting food and people are like, well, that’s great for you. I don’t have any. And so that is something that collectively we have to do a better job of right. There is such inequality.

That is, to me, something that really hit home many years ago was the,

just to be alive is itself a miracle.

And from that moment forth, I stopped berating myself. I’m not perfect. And there’s so, so humility and patience that we can develop when we understand that and then afford others. And so certainly as it relates to kids, you know, their central nervous system is developing at every stage as it is still for me. If I try and take up a new language or I try and take up a new activity, I’m not going to be that good at it because it’s not something that I’ve assimilated into the way that my brain is currently programmed.

So if we could afford each other just a little bit more patience, a little bit more compassion, a little bit more empathy for the fact that it is difficult.

It is sometimes challenging to take on a new task and that’s okay. Then that again would make for a much more loving and accepting society.

But within that, we never neglect the magic that it is to be a human being.

And I know honestly, to be any form of life, you know, you just, yeah, just the intricate details of say a little bit spider, like, I mean, it’s just insane. Like that is magical. Now. I might not necessarily want that spider crawling across my face in the middle of the night, depending on what kind of spider it is, but I’m certainly going to Revere the fact that that is an expression of life and it at some level is just absolutely mystical.

even on your worst day you are a living miracle



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