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Transcript – Build Solid Foundations (Motivational Video) Fearless Soul

If you really think about it… everything you want in life… everything worth anything in life requires BUILDING.

Your home – it required BUILDING to get to the stage of being liveable. Your business – if you want it to be successful… you have to BUILD IT. It takes time. It takes effort.

Your relationships… of all kinds… friends, family, romantic relationships… they require BUILDING. Building of trust. Building of respect. It also takes time, and effort.

Your own mental strength and physical health… they both need constant BUILDING to get better. You really have to put in the time, consistently to be a better human being… in ALL AREAS.

ALL of these things require EFFORT. And all of these things won’t last unless you build STRONG FOUNDATIONS.

If you want to live in a home that was built with no effort or care, chances are it will crumble on top of you.

ANYTHING WITH WEAK FOUNDATIONS will eventually crumble!

If you care about your business you need to put the effort in. You must build solid foundations by putting in the time and giving value to your customers… consistently.

If you care about your relationships you must build them intentionally. You must put in the effort. YOU have to build the foundations. You can’t rely on luck or anyone else. You have to be there in the relationships to make them work.

You have to EARN the respect from your friends and loved ones, you can’t buy it. You EARN it from the time, effort and presence you put into it.

If you care about your own mental and emotional wellbeing you have to build the foundations there as well.

You build strong personal foundations by putting in the time, consistently, every day.
Time in silence.
Time in self development.
Time reading or listening to things that make you better.
Time with people that make you feel good.
Time in gratitude.
Time taking care of your health.

You build the foundations over time so you can survive the stormy weather.

A strong house doesn’t blow over in stormy weather, because it has SOLID FOUNDATIONS… and in the same way… YOU won’t blow over when life challenges you.

If you build solid foundations, you can survive anything… any situation. If your business takes a hit… the foundations and lessons you’ve learned on your journey will help you fight back, and come back stronger, better, with new perspective. Even if you lose a business or lose a job… the foundations you’ve built within yourself will MAKE SURE that is not the end of the story.

You will be back, and you will USE the setback as a lesson… as a foundation to build back better.

If you’re going through a tough time personally… all those solid foundations you’ve built over the years will help give you shelter from the storms around you.

The time spent working on YOU will prove valuable in ALL challenging situations. It will give you perspective. It will keep you CALM when everyone around you is losing their heads. It will help you understand that tough times don’t last forever.

It will give you strength.

There is nothing more important than building SOLID FOUNDATIONS – in every area that matters in your life.

And when is the best time to start building? RIGHT NOW. Don’t wait for a storm to destroy things that matter to you before you put in the time to build those foundations.

Start now. Think of every area in your life where YOU can be better… where you MUST be better… and then ask yourself what you can do to build stronger foundations.

Who do you need to call?
What do you need to say?
How much time do you need to block out every morning?
And how will you spend that time?

Make a commitment now, to build solid foundations for your life. You will not regret it.

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