There is a toxic mindset that exists within the world today, that emotions are a bad thing. That the emotions we experience are something to be pushed aside. Avoiding your emotions is encouraged, often not realizing by avoiding your emotions, you are stacking past hurts on your shoulders, weighing you down everywhere you go until the burden becomes unbearable..

Why Avoiding Your Emotions Won’t Help You To Heal Them - Here's What To Do Instead feelings can't be ignored, no matter how unjust or ungrateful they seem. Anne Frank

Have you ever heard a statement like this before?

“Why are you so emotional?”

“Emotion has no place in the workplace.”

“You don’t need to be so emotional about it…”

In a world where we constantly feel the need to be more and do more, sometimes we can suppress emotions which we perceive to be negative.

In order to protect ourselves from being judged by others for being a ‘downer’ or ‘negative’, we can push down how we truly feel.

When we fear being criticized or judged for our feelings, we hide them away.

And while it is true that we want to focus on positive emotions in order to create and maintain a beautiful state within ourselves, doing this should not mean suppression or avoidance of other, more difficult emotions.

Emotions are not negative. | Avoiding Your Emotions

They simply are as they are. It is our attachment to or suppression of them that is negative. Emotions, when given space and allowance simply pass through us. Like a deep inhale followed by an exhale, when emotions are given freedom to move, they do not last.

Pain and sadness given space, gives way to relief and gratitude.

To live authentically in a truly beautiful state is to be completely at one with the present moment, and we need to learn to embrace that this will include feeling emotions.

When we avoid emotions they do not disappear. | Avoiding Your Emotions

They simply get locked into our bodies and create negativity and even dis-ease. These locked emotions stay with us until we have the courage to face them.

Sadly for many of us, this takes a lifetime to discover, and for many of us, it is never known at all.

Instead, we carry them around like dead weight, all the while they affect us and cause us pain without us even knowing.

Allowing yourself to feel and express your emotions is a basic human need. To deny your feelings is to deny yourself of life.

You deserve the time and space required for you to process how you feel. Numbing yourself to the way you feel is not serving you.

Why Avoiding Your Emotions Won’t Help You To Heal Them - Here's What To Do Instead Virginia Woolf You cannot find peace by avoiding life.

When you choose to consciously feel your emotions, you deepen the connection you have with yourself. You also deepen your connection to the present moment, because you are no longer moving away from it in order to be comfortable.

So starting today, make a pact with yourself to never deny yourself of fully feeling your emotions. I promise you, it will change your life.



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