There’s lots of talk about creating a world where unity and cooperation replace disconnect and disharmony. It can seem overwhelming to do this when you look around at the ‘big picture’ problems our planet and her people face. Looking within, however, allows you to take back control of what you can do today to be part of the change you’d like to see in this world.

Giving of yourself is one way to begin this shift. The act of receiving, however, often gets less attention for its ability to unite. This may be because it is sometimes viewed as ‘selfish’ or ‘greedy’ to take. Yet when you receive in order to make yourself or a situation better, the act takes on a whole new meaning. Now you’re a part of an upward spark of higher consciousness living.

Learning the fine art of asking for help means ‘jump-starting’ the cooperative give and take cycle that creates more harmony in the world. Take a look at these 2 tips on asking for help, and allowing other people’s unique gifts to shine through and light up your life.

Be the Student | Asking For Help

Asking for help can be tough because you’re taking the chance that you’ll be rejected for your ‘lack’ of understanding. The key here is to approach this from a perspective of abundance. Instead of saying that you have no idea what you’re doing, instead try stating that you’re interested in learning more, and you heard that this person or group has a lot to teach on the subject.

By presenting yourself as a person seeking more knowledge, you shift the paradigm from ‘not enough’ to ‘plenty to go around’. You also uplift others by presenting them with an opportunity to use their passions and talents to help you. This kind of giving comes with a lot of benefits for both the giver and the receiver.

How the Simple Act of Asking for Help Changes the World A grateful heart is a magnet for miracles fearless soul asking helpful needy hard times

Express Gratitude | Asking For Help

A recent study found that those who feel grateful for an experience show more activity in parts of the brain that are associated with better learning and decision making – which can assist you with the very thing you need help with in the first place! Expressing your gratitude up front also lets the person you are seeking help from know that you respect their time and effort. Research shows that when people feel appreciated, they are more likely to feel empathy for you, and want an ongoing ‘give and take’ relationship.

Gratitude can come in many forms. For instance, the act of cooperation is a way of saying ‘thanks’ in many cultures around the world. So as you receive, you can also be giving – of your unique gifts. If someone helps you with a business goal, for example, you can spotlight their services on your online platforms. Or offer to provide them with assistance next time they are in need of your talents.

In this way, you not only raise yourself up, but also help uplift those who had a hand in shaping you into a better version of yourself. This creates a more unified world where giving – not disconnect – reigns supreme.

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