Unconditional Self love: Ways to Feel Good About Your Body

When was the last time you stood in front of the mirror and saw flashing red lights in your “critical” spots? Be it thick thighs, small breasts, slightly visible tummy, disproportions, or asymmetrical features – women find it hard to accept their bodies and often see their “flaws” bigger than they really are. Due to the society’s imposed beauty standards and constant exposure on social media, women feel inadequate or very self-conscious about their bodies. This can lead to serious physical and mental problems, mainly eating disorders, body dysmorphia, depression, and anxiety. Here’s how you can learn to love yourself, from head to toe.

Unconditional Self love

Reconsider the modern concept of beauty

How many times have you felt kind of numb after going through your Instagram feed? Social media is a fertile ground for creating a false-perfect picture of our lives online. Try to disconnect for a while and you’ll notice you won’t feel as burdened. The time we live in has set perfection as the highest goal, while completely freely interpreting what perfection actually is. Celebrities are extremely influential in that sense, as they are implicit role models and set trends for the regular people. Just think of Kim Kardashian’s hourglass figure and how many women started using corsets in order to redefine their waist, even though their safety is debatable. Sure, every era has some generally defined frames of what it means to be beautiful, but does it have to be extreme? What does all of this mean to you? Try to map out the reasons why you feel the need to fit into a certain model instead of celebrating your own uniqueness.

Unconditional Self love

Take a holistic approach  

You cannot separate your mind from your body. Our body-image is merely a mental representation of how we think we look which may or may not overlap with how we truly look in reality. Therefore, it is important to trigger a positive mental shift and help your mind evolve in order to see the true you or perceive your “imperfections” in a healthier manner. While modern Western civilization tends to treat the body only as the container for the mind, Eastern philosophy focuses on the unity of body and mind. The power of feng shui can be very useful in that sense: it’s not just about rearranging the furniture in order to optimize the free flow of the energy (chi). Its doctrine is far more complex and includes positive psychology and affirmations, as well as living in touch with your personal space so that you harmonize your inner yin and yang. Consider practicing yoga and meditation to find peace within yourself: studies have shown that these activities can literally change the structure of your brain.

Unconditional Self love

Appreciate your body’s health 

Instead of focusing on how your body looks, focus on what it can do. Too often we take our health for granted, while it’s a luxury not everyone can afford. Instead of feeling sorry for yourself or beating yourself up about that second burrito you’ve eaten last night, think about how you need to take care of your body, for it is your temple. This doesn’t mean you can’t indulge in some sweets or occasional fast food: it means you should incorporate some sort of physical activity in order to keep it primarily strong and healthy, and secondarily – toned (if that’s what you’re aiming for).

Avoid toxic people and body shamers

Women became prone to harsh self-criticism and negative fat-talk, whether they question their own or their friend’s weight and overall appearance. By all means, you need to stop doing that. We already concluded that it’s absolutely absurd to push a certain body image as desirable when it has nothing to do with the real women’s bodies. We aren’t aware how our surroundings influence the way we see ourselves.


Love and cherish your body, for it’s the only true home you have. Do everything you can to feel more confident: you have the power to change and if you decide to do so – do it exclusively for yourself.



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