The Law of Karma – Inspirational Speech by Fearless Soul

What goes around comes around.

You are a perfect reflection of the choices you have made. If you want better results, make better choices. Click to Tweet

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Lyrics & Music Copyright: Fearless Soul
Speaker: Rishi Sood

Lyrics – The Law of Karma – Inspirational Speech by Fearless Soul

You are a perfect reflection
of the choices you have made.
If you want better results,
make better choices.

We often find ourselves in situations in life
where we look around and say:
Oh my god, that can’t be a coincidence

You know those scenarios
where someone you know
does something bad and
a year later they have the same
exact thing happen to them?

Or how the most giving and caring people around you
also seem to be the happiest and tend to receive most as well?

Our universe is governed by
the law of cause and effect
or the law of karma.
And in a nutshell it states that
what goes around comes around

That your intent and your actions as a human being
is what directly creates the experiences that you go through
That there is no good deed that goes unrewarded
and no evil deed that goes unpunished.

That there is no such thing as a coincidence
and no such thing as a random act of kindness that comes your way.

That your state of mind and more specifically your peace of mind
is governed by your conscious and subconscious intents.

That there is no being in our universe who can harbour evil intents
without finding themselves in the midst of evil.

That there is no pure heart that
will not find itself among experiences of joy and purity.

That you as a human being
have the power to bring into your experiences
moments of joy
moments of excitement
moments of bliss
by creating those moments for other people.

That you can become a symbol of success
and have doors open for you if you have the
courage to open doors for others.

Now if you want to create a better future for yourself
if you want to have a universal force 
backing you up and in your corner

Then from this point on, it’s essential
that you purify your intents and your actions
especially towards other people

I promise that you will never be happy
if you are focused on making others miserable.
I assure that you will never be successful
if you wish failure onto others.
I guarantee you that you will never live in prosperity
if you create havoc for others.

We are all one
and we are all connected.
Now I can’t tell you if
this force is conscious or not,
but it does keep score
It does see you in moments of silence
It keeps track of your
moments of honesty and dishonesty
and it keeps record of the thoughts,
feelings and actions you take
each and every single day.

So purify yourself.

Let go of destructive thought
patterns and behaviours.

Rid yourself of toxic people who make it
easier to make negative decisions.

Stop gossiping about your co-workers
about your neighbours
about the person who makes
your sandwiches at subway.

Forget about all that.

And see the beauty in
yourself and in others
and operate in kindness
as a reflection of that beauty.

Plant your seeds now
and trust they will grow into the future.

the law of karma

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