Robin Sharma Quotes and 6 Lessons to Help You Win At Life

“You are born into genius…but have you resigned yourself into mediocrity?” – Robin Sharma Quotes

We all want happiness and prosperity in life. But every day we face things that deter us from our path. There are distractions that throw us off course, there are temptations that steal our precious time, and there is comfort which keeps us mediocre and prevents us to live with greatness.

So amidst all the chaos, how can we focus our mind on what matters so that we move towards our goals?

Here are six lessons from Robin Sharma to help you win at life.

1. Small Wins Matter

“A great life is not built by revolution, a great life is built by evolution.” – Robin Sharma Quotes

Most people think of success as a destination. As if one day, the stars will align in the perfect way, and shine their light on our life. But this isn’t how you win at life.

As Robin Sharma puts it, “What you do every day is simply your life in miniature.” So if you want to succeed in life, you have to make every day a success.

Making every day a success consists of mastering all the things that matter to you. Every small win matter – waking up early, exercise, making people around you smile, going the extra mile in work, writing in your journal, and spending time with your family.

Small wins are the most important. Because of them, life rewards us with the big wins in life. If you aren’t succeeding in your days, how will you every succeed in life?

Robin Sharma Quotes

2. Nothing Fails Like Success

“It is one thing to be successful, it is another thing to sustain success over the coming decade.”  – Robin Sharma Quotes

Everyone knows that we must work hard to win at life. But the enlightening fact about success is that it puts you in a vulnerable place. Because once you’re successful, it’s easier to go from humility to arrogance. If arrogance sets in your mind, you’ll take a fall and regret your actions.

Play the Long Game

So never let success play with your mind. Become more humble, more hard-working, and more sincere, once you attain success. Play the long game. Aim to be legendary, not a one-hit wonder.

3. No Ask, No Get

If the world around you doesn’t know what you want, it cannot give you what you want. Similarly, if you don’t set your goals, you won’t achieve them because your brain doesn’t know what you want.

Ask yourself and ask from the world to give what you want and you’ll get it sooner or later. If you ask what you want and don’t get it, you’ll get a precious lesson which will help you move forward in the right direction.

As Rhonda Byrne explains in her book The Secret, to win at life, we have to ask, reach out, and sooner or later, the universe responds to our request.

4. Prosperity is a reflection of value delivery

“If you want to make millions, serve millions”  – Robin Sharma Quotes

Robin Sharma meditates on the following mantra every day:

“How I may be of most service to as many people as possible?”

You may often dream of getting a big mansion, a luxury car, and millions sitting in your bank account. But have you ever asked yourself, “How can I serve millions of people? How can I improve the lives of others?”

The truth is, to get the rewards in life, first we have to be of service. All successful people have contributed in some or the other way in the life of others. Comedians bring laughter, engineers bring infrastructure and technology, doctors bring health and wellness – every successful person has to be of service to the society.

5. Fitness or Illness – You Must Choose One

“Those who don’t make time for exercise will eventually have to make time for illness.” – Robin Sharma Quotes

Research shows that even 20 minutes of exercise in the morning lifts your mood for as long as 12 hours.

Moreover, researchers at Cooper Clinic in Dallas found that as little as 30 minutes of cardio 3-5 days a week adds six years to your life!

Six years is a long enough time to create a business, enjoy retirement, and see your children flourishing in their lives. Aspiring to be successful is great, but never forget that the most precious thing in this world is time. Without your health, you will never enjoy your wealth, and illness will rob you of the golden period of your life.

6. Failure is the Price of Greatness

“Failure is the price of greatness. Adversity is the price of ambition.” – Robin Sharma  Quotes

If you’re striving for greatness, you’ll have to deal with failure, pain, rejection, indifference, and ridicule. But what matters is whether you get up each time you fall.

Critics who find faults in your work and laugh at you don’t matter. Because the credit goes to the person who’s actually in the arena taking the risk of rejection, not to the critic who’s sitting in the audience as a passive spectator.

Unless you learn to deal with adversity, you will never achieve greatness.