3 Questions That Could Change The Direction Of Your Life

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Transcript – 3 Questions You Should Ask Yourself Every Day –  (Motivational Speech)

They say: Ask the right questions and you’ll get the best answers.

A powerful question can change everything for you, especially if you are asking it to yourself, with full presence.

 Ask and answer honestly, from your heart.


Number 1: 

What will they say at my funeral?

This is one of the most powerful questions you can ask yourself, and, if you don’t like the answer… you must do something to change how you live your life.

It is not about living a life to please others, but the opposite: 
Being true to you, by BEING 100% YOU!
 Speaking your truth. Living the life YOU believe is right.

 That is living by example.

What is rare in this world is those who are AUTHENTIC, those who are brave enough to speak their truth, and to follow THEIR OWN PATH, not the path which you think society, or your loved ones think is best for you.

Number 2:

 What is most important in my life, and how must I act today to prove that?

Everyone talks a good game don’t they.

 They say their family is most important, but always choose work, or night life, or something meaningless over their family.

 They say their health is important, but their actions show something different.

They say they want a better life, but aren’t prepared to do the work to achieve it. The inner work or physical work.

 If you KNOW something is important to you: SHOW IT. 

Show it through your actions.

Don’t live in regret, do not wait until it is too late to express how important someone is in your life. Do not wait until it’s too late, only to look back and realize your priorities should have been different.

Number 3: 

What can I be grateful for today?

This powerful process will completely change your day, and your life.

A lot of people talk about gratitude, a lot of great people, a lot of successful people, a lot of happy people. Why? 

Because it’s the GREATEST POWER ON EARTH. Nothing will get you in a better state of mind than being GRATEFUL for all the things that are good in your life.

It’s impossible to be negative and grateful at the same time.

 It’s impossible to have anxiety about the future, and live in gratitude for what you do have, at the same time. 

It is impossible to be sad, and REALLY grateful, at the same time.

Gratitude raises your vibration to a much higher level, and, if you do it consistently, every day, really feeling what you are grateful for, all the blessings you DO HAVE, 2 things will happen:

First is, you will FEEL BETTER about your life. Genuinely better. And that is the goal everyone has: Happiness.

Second is, you will attract more to be grateful for. That is how the world works: You focus on the GOOD, and you will see more good show up. 

Learn to direct that focus, to the good, the great, the blessings in your life.

Ask these 3 questions every morning, answer them with truth and live your days with them in your mind.

questions you should ask yourself

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