Don’t Compare Your Life Journey To Another (Must Watch Motivational Video)

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Transcript – Don’t Compare Your Life Journey To Another (Must Watch Motivational Video)

It doesn’t matter what ANYONE in this world says about you… except one person… and that person is you.

It doesn’t matter what ANY VOICE in this world speaks about you… except one voice… and that is the voice WITHIN YOU.

There’s always going to be opinions. There will always be people telling you what THEY THINK you should be doing with YOUR LIFE…
 There will be people who mean well dragging you down with their expectations and beliefs about what you should be doing with your life…

And then there will be people who don’t mean so well…
None of it matters.

The only thing that matters is YOU do YOUR BEST.
 In doing your BEST… in EVERY situation, what you will find, is that it will lead to your NEXT BEST SITUATION.

In doing your BEST… consistently, what you will find is that you will be consistently improving your life.
 The changes may be so subtle you won’t notice… but one day, you’ll look back and you won’t recognise the person you once were.

Listen to me…
 If it took you 10 years to get a 1 year degree… it’s still a degree!
 If it took you 10 miserable, failed relationships to find the love of your life… YOU STILL FOUND the love of your life!
 If it took you 3 failed businesses to find your passion… YOU STILL FOUND YOUR PASSION.
 If you didn’t buy your first home until 50 years old… you can still make a HOME.

Every set back, every failure, every disappointment will pass… and ALL OF IT… every single piece of it, is part of the puzzle that will create your best life.

You need the darkness to appreciate the light. You need the rainy days to appreciate the sunny days.

The contrast is not sent to ruin you… it is sent as a lesson, and a blessing. Something to learn and grow from.

Don’t let outside voices tell you where you should be at this stage in your life. ALL OF IT is part of your UNIQUE JOURNEY.

Treasure every moment. The great times, and the times you need to GROW through challenges and set-backs.

Do not compare yourself to other people. Allow them to live as they are, while you focus on your own path.

You can’t possibly know what is in store for your future.

You can’t possibly know, in advance, the BLESSING that will be born out of the LESSON which looked like the universe was MESSING WITH YOU.

You can’t possibly understand, in the moment, that the BRICK WALL in your way is not the final section, but a re-direction, maybe even protection.

Sometimes our struggles turn into our greatest strengths
. Sometimes our toughest times turn out to be the only thing that would enable us to GROW into the person we must become.

Do not let outside expectations dampen your spirit and never compare YOUR JOURNEY with another.

You are unique… everything is as it should be.

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