Your Entire Life Purpose Explained In Under 5 Minutes – Fearless Soul – Inspirational Speech

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Transcript – Your Entire Life Purpose Explained In Under 5 Minutes – Fearless Soul – Inspirational Speech

Everyone on this planet has PURPOSE. Everyone.

Everyone on this planet is blessed to be here… and everyone can CHOOSE to be a blessing to this planet and every other person in it, through their example.

But how do you find your purpose?

The first thing to understand is there is a great difference between your purpose and your reason why.

For example: Your PURPOSE might be: To help people out of depression and guide them to live their best lives.

Your REASON WHY you must do that might be: To set an example to those you love. Or: Because you had depression and never want another to suffer like you did.

The next, and most important thing to understand is this:
You do not need a great big life purpose to matter in this world.
You matter.
You matter with or without a purpose. You matter with or without success.
You matter with or without achievement.

Your relationship matters just as much with or without a piece of paper that shows the world you share the same name.
And in the same way, your LIFE holds whatever value you give it.
You can decide to be happy without a purpose, or miserable without one.

You can be stressed without a purpose, or enjoying the flow and contrast of life until you find one.

Most people are searching for this great, grand purpose like they are wanting a great engagement story, as if it is some kind of achievement. The real achievement is never the engagement story, but the quality of the relationship every step of the way. The journey.

Your purpose, is really to become the best version of you, and in following that path, with intention, seeing where it leads. Following the path that lights you up. Following the path of service. Following the path of intention. Following the path of love.

Your purpose really isn’t a thing. It’s not a story to tell. It’s not an Instagram post, or something for your highlight reel. It’s your duty to do your self-work. To become the greatest version of you.

To get to the point where you are so real, so yourself, so authentic, with so much love and appreciation for yourself, that everything you do comes naturally and with ease. And in that process, of not NEEDING anything, including a purpose, you will know what your real calling is.

It might not be a permanent calling, but it will be REAL, and you’ll know it.

Your purpose is GROWTH. GROWTH in every area of your life, specifically spiritual growth.

Spiritual growth really only means one thing: Unconditional love. For yourself. For everything that is connected to yourself… which is ultimately everything.

Your purpose is to be here now. To do your very best in this moment.

Your purpose is being comfortable with who you are. Loving and respecting yourself. Loving who you are.
Needing nothing. Living with EASE. Living with PEACE, LOVE and JOY in your heart.

What a purpose you have. Don’t ever forget how blessed you are TO JUST BE ALIVE on this magical planet.

Live your live with the joy YOU want to experience. Every day… that is your purpose.

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