Your VALUES create your REALITY. Here’s how.

The 10 Most Important Human Values – Inspirational Speech

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Transcript – The 10 Most Important Human Values – Inspirational Speech

Everything you THINK… everything you FEEL… every action you take… is because of your beliefs and VALUES.

You may not be aware of it… You may not be conscious of it… but your VALUES shape your decisions… and your decisions shape your LIFE.

If you value MONEY more than HAPPINESS your life might be full of expensive things, but there will be no joy in that experience.

Your VALUES signal what is important to you. They are emotional states that show you what is important, and what you want to experience.

 Imagine how different your life would be if you changed a value of MONEY and replaced it with the value of LOVE.

Creating and STATING your values consciously can change the direction of your life.

If you decide to apply any of these values to your life, in your own words, in your own way, your own life will be of more value!

 The following, are the 10 most important human values. 

This is only our opinion, you can and should create your own in your own words.

Number 1. Health and Energy.

This might be the most important value of all to some people. 

It will be the most important value of all to some of those who have experienced serious health problems.

 Without physical health, it is very unlikely you can experience and enjoy all the other values at their deepest levels.

Great health gives you energy and vitality which enables you to dive deeper into the more important things in life, and give more energy and time to those you love. 

Make the value of HEALTH and ENERGY a priority in your life, by learning what daily nutrition and exercise is best to fuel your body.

What would it take, for you to be at your physical peak?

 LEARN it. APPLY it.

Number 2. Love.

The overuse of this word makes it easy to misunderstand the true meaning of it. 
This is not just romantic love, but LOVE of all things. 
True, non judgemental LOVE. 
The love you have for your family, friends. The love you have for your favourite things. The love you have for your passion, and your mission.

Making LOVE a priority in your life means there is no room for HATE or indifference.

You could experience LOVE doing anything or with anyone.

 You could experience LOVE in yourself, by yourself.

How would your life change if you valued LOVE higher?

Number 3. Gratitude and Appreciation

There’s truly no greater power on earth than gratitude. 

REAL gratitude shuts down all other negative emotions in the moment.

So, how important is Gratitude to you?

 Well, how important is it for you to FEEL GOOD?

 If it is important, you must make gratitude a top VALUE and practice it as a priority every day.

It costs you nothing, but makes you so RICH.

 It takes nothing away from anyone else, but gives you so much power.

How much more magical would your life be, if you lived in a constant state of appreciation for everything that IS GREAT in your life?

Number 4. Kindness and Compassion.

The world would certainly be a better place if people showed more kindness and compassion. 

Less judgement, more respect.

It’s placing yourself in someone else’s shoes before you judge them.

Have you ever noticed how good it feels when you are kind to someone for no reason?

 It feels good to be kind, because it is RIGHT to be kind.

What would your life be like, what would your world be like if you valued kindness and compassion more?

Number 5. Integrity.

Knowing you do the right thing, even when no one is watching, and no one will no either way. 

The inner knowing you always do what is right.

 That brings PRIDE and it brings inner PEACE.

When you value INTEGRITY you value doing what is right.

 It is such a powerful value that not only makes a difference in your own life, but also sets a powerful example to all those close to you. 

It brings HONESTY and TRUST.

How would your life be different if everyone knew you as a person of INTEGRITY?

Number 6. Giving


This ties in with Kindness and Compassion… as humans we are built to GIVE. 

Not just give money, or things, but give ourselves fully to others in need. 

To serve, selflessly.

Karma always ensures what you give is returned, but that is not WHY you give.

 You GIVE because that is your nature. It’s not an EFFORT, it is natural, it feels good and you know there is no lack.

How differently would you feel if you valued GIVING higher in your life?

Number 7. Growth.

Human beings are wired to GROW.

GROWTH comes from experience, from LEARNING, from failures, from achievements and INTENTION.

 Intention to get better. This doesn’t mean get better so you can “win”. It means getting better so you can GIVE MORE to the world.

 So you can EXPERIENCE more. ENJOY more.

It’s about becoming the greatest version of yourself. Not just FOR yourself, but for others. Setting the example of what is truly possible.

Reaching your highest potential with INTENTION.

How much better will your life be, when you VALUE GROWTH higher on your list?

Number 8. Peace.

Ahhhhh peace.


Nothing more needs to be said. 

It’s getting to that place of needing nothing.

It’s being alone, and being in bliss.
 It’s presence.

 It’s reaction-less. 

It’s the silence at the peak of the mountain.

How high do you value peace?
 How much better would your life be if you had more PEACE in it?

Number 9. Family, Friendship and Connection.

It’s caring about someone more than you care about yourself.

 It’s putting others first. 

It’s making time for the people you care about.

It’s giving the people you love, and maybe even strangers, your complete presence, and building that connection. 

It’s making someone else’s day BETTER just because you were in it.

It’s bringing your BEST SELF to every encounter, so the other person walks away with a smile.

How different would your life be, and countless others if you took this approach?

 Will you VALUE CONNECTION higher on your list?

Number 10. Happiness


It’s Joy.
 It’s Playfulness. 
It’s Fun.
 It’s Non-Seriousness. 

It’s a state of real happiness. When time stops and you LOVE what you are doing.

It’s what we all seek.

 But we do it in so many different ways.

 Some try and find it through money. But no type of paper is going to bring it to you.

 Some try and find it through achievements and success… but they come up empty.

It’s within, and it’s a CHOICE. 

It’s always available and never on sale.

 YOU DECIDE when you make this a priority and a top VALUE.

How different would your life be if you had HAPPINESS as your highest VALUE?

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