If You Think Your Family is Holding You Back: WATCH THIS!

“If You Think They Are Holding You Back: WATCH THIS!” (Motivational Video) – Watch On Youtube:

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Transcript – “If You Think Your Family is Holding You Back: WATCH THIS!”

Today I want to share with you an eye opening story about a young man and his mentor.

It is a story about not letting anything anyone says, or does get to you. Including family or friends.

It’s about not allowing negativity inside. Not allowing opinions to dictate your wellbeing.

It’s about taking responsibility for your own feelings, no matter what anyone else thinks or says ABOUT YOU.

So the story tells us, that there was this young man, who was living with his family because he didn’t yet have the means to move out.

The young man would visit with a mentor once a week, and every time, he would complain about his family, saying how negative they were, how they always pushed him to do things that he did not enjoy, while never supporting him in doing the things he actually did enjoy doing.

He said his family were “dragging him down”

The mentor responded:

“But are they really dragging you down?… or are you allowing whatever is being said to you or about you, to drag you down?”

“Are they really dragging you down? Or are you allowing whatever YOU THINK they are thinking of you to drag you down?”

Not truly understanding, and growing angry at the mentor, the young man responded:

“No, they ARE dragging me down. Their negativity drags me down every day. I can’t make up how I feel. They are doing this to me.”

The mentor responded again:

“No one can drag you down without your consent”

“They might be saying a lot of things, that might not be a great way to support you. But it is still YOU who decides how YOU feel about the situation.”

“You can be angered by their words, or choose a different meaning. You can be angered by their lack of parenting ability, or choose to be compassionate, knowing they can only parent at the current level they are capable of. Knowing if they knew better, they’d do better.”

“They might be thinking some things, or maybe they aren’t – maybe you are overthinking what they might be thinking, and in your overthinking, you are creating negative energy that otherwise would not be there.”

“Maybe, they only want what is best for you… It might be true they are not doing a good job of showing it, but again, NO ONE, can drag you down without your consent.”

He continued:

“So, how can YOU improve… YOURSELF… so that NOTHING anyone says can ever drag you down?
How can YOU improve… YOURSELF… so that NOTHING anyone thinks… or you believe they think, can drag you down?”

“How can YOU improve so nothing disturbs your journey in life?”

“How can you improve so your REACTIONS are CALM, not judgemental. So you don’t overthink what others may or may not be thinking. So you are optimistic about other people. So you KNOW… with absolute certainty that no other can obstruct the path of your ultimate purpose in life?”

The boy responded:
“I understand now that I need to improve, but does that mean I must accept toxic people in my life?”

The mentor replied:
“Maybe you do have to distance yourself from some toxic people in your life… now… or plan for it to happen in the future… whatever the case, the most important thing that needs to happen is YOU improve your internal state… so people, words, and little things don’t have the power to disrupt your journey here on earth.”

I’m sure there have been moments in your life where you were surprised at how well you responded to a situation that would normally upset you. This is what we are talking about here.

It always has been, and always will be about you.

No matter what is going on around you, there can be a good feeling within you. There can be a knowing within you, that this, like all other things will pass.

You are the creator of your destiny, because you are the creator, the decider of your feelings in each moment. You decide the meaning of each situation, and therefore you can direct your destiny however you choose

So step back, and CHOOSE to see this situation differently. Choose compassion if possible. Choose kindness if possible… to others, and importantly to yourself.

And choose to do that work on you. For when your internal state is at peace, no turbulence around you will disturb your path.

Family is Holding You Back

You are the creator of your destiny, because you are the creator, the decider of your feelings in each moment. Click to Tweet



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